Brewing coffee with a Bialetti Moka Pot

What you’ll need:

Moka Express
Stove/ burner
25 grams of Coffee, I love using our Lone Peak Espresso for the Moka Pot.
Step 1

Boil water in your kettle.

Step 2

Grind 25 grams of coffee to a consistency slightly larger than espresso. It needs to be pretty fine. Take note of your setting so you can adjust accordingly for your next brew.

Step 3

Disassemble Moka pot. Add your coffee grounds to the basket. The basket should be full and level to the rim without putting any pressure on the grounds.

Step 4

Remove coffee basket and fill base with hot water from the kettle. Replace coffee basket and screw base to top. *Be careful handling the base now as it will heat up quick with your hot water in there.

Step 5

Place your Moka pot on your stove and turn up the heat to medium-high. If coffee does not start seeping into the top chamber within a minute increase heat slowly and incrementally until you get a continuous flow from the base to the top chamber. You don’t want the coffee to shoot or geyser into the top chamber. If this is happening turn down the heat.

Your coffee is ready when you hear a hiss or bubbling sound, remove from heat.

At this point you can drink it as is, add water, or make a beverage with milk. With all of these options, it is one of my favorite brewing methods.

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