Brewing coffee with a Chemex

This guide is for the 8-cup Chemex, coffee and water amount will change as well as brew time depending on the size of your Chemex.

Total Prep Time: 5 minutes

What you'll need:

Chemex filter. The bonded Chemex filters are awesome, but for a more sustainable option check out the Able Brewing SS Kone
40 grams medium-fine coffee grounds. We love using a distinct single origin coffee with the Chemex as it produces a very clean cup of coffee. Try our Nicaragua Maracturra or Rwanda Dahwe.
Step 1

Heat water. If possible, use a kettle that you can set the temperature for 200. If not, boil water. Once boiling remove from heat for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Grind coffee. Coffee should be ground to the consistency of sea salt. 

Step 3

Place filter in Chemex. The side of the filter with three layers should be placed on the spout side of the brewer to prevent choking or air locking.

Step 4

Pour hot water through the filter to rinse out the paper residue as well as pre heat the Chemex.

Step 5

Drain the Chemex of the water that you just poured through the filter.
Step 6

Add 40 grams ground coffee.

Step 7

Pour 100 grams of 200f water in a figure 8 pattern. Wait 45 seconds (we call this the bloom).

Step 8

Pour 200 grams of 200f water in a figure 8 pattern. Wait 20 seconds.

Step 9

Pour 100 grams of 200f water in 8 pattern. Wait 20 seconds. Repeat this step twice more for a total of 600 grams of water.  


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