Brewing coffee with an Aeropress "Inverted"

There are many ways to make coffee with the Aeropress but this recipe is our favorite. Consider it a starting point!

16 grams of ground coffee, with this brew method we love our Bristlecone Blend or Nicaragua Organic Arabica
500 ml/grams (~17 oz) water at 205 degrees Fahrenheit
Chop stick or something to stir with. The Aeropress comes with a paddle.

Step 1

Make sure your Aeropress is clean and dry to guarantee a leak proof seal while plunging during step 6. 
Remove perforated cap. 
Fit one paper filter into the cap and set aside.
Slide plunger into body just enough that the two pieces will stay attached if you pick it up by one end.
Step 2

Set Aeropress inverted on the counter. 

Fill Aeropress with hot water. 

Pick up cap with filter side up. Run water through paper filter so that the paper residue is washed away and the added benefit of preheating the cap. Be careful not to pour boiling water on your finger tips.

Wait 30 seconds then discard water and replace Aeropress inverted on counter.

Step 3

Add 16 grams of coffee grounds to the Aeropress. 

Add 50 grams of water and stir 5 times.

Wait 30 seconds.

Step 4

Add 200 grams of water and stir 10 times.

Carefully add cap to Aeropress making sure the filter is in proper place.

Wait 30 seconds.

Step 5

Swiftly turn the Aeropress right side up and place on mug.

Step 6

Depress plunger until you hear a hiss of air or the plunger bottoms out. This should take 20 seconds.

Step 7

Take cap off Aeropress and eject coffee grounds into compost bin (or trash can) by depressing plunger until it bottoms out.

Step 8


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