Six Health Benefits of Drinking a Cup of Coffee a Day

Joe. Mud. Cupped Lightning. Brew. Java. Whatever term you use, one thing is for sure: we love our coffee and our caffeine. As it turns out, that’s not a bad thing, in fact, it’s a healthy thing! There are so many advantages to being one of the 62% of American adults who drink coffee on the daily. Of the 62% of daily coffee drinkers, a whopping 74% drink 2 or more cups a day. It’s safe and even healthy to consume 3-4 cups (24-32 ounces) of coffee in a day. Most of us probably already drink our coffee in 10-16 ounce servings anyways. But that’s not what this article is about. We’re talking about the health benefits to your brain and body from drinking just one cup of coffee a day.

1. 75 mg of coffee (1 cup) has been proven to improve alertness and focus. It may also help improve memory performance when completing tedious and repetitive tasks. The reason behind these effects may be the caffeine. Many people drink coffee when they first wake up or when they start feeling the mid-day drag. Plus, coffee allows your brain to work more efficiently by helping to improve your reaction time, attention, focus, and reasoning — all of which are commonly associated with intelligence.

2. The caffeine in coffee increases adrenaline which can aid in physical exercise. A cup of coffee before a workout can jump start your performance, especially if you’re going for a run, cycling, or other endurance sport. Coffee can actually improve exercise performance by 11-12%. Curious about the science behind it? Caffeine increases the number of fatty acids in your blood, allowing your muscles to use and burn those fats for energy while saving your body’s smaller reserve of carbs for later on in your exercise.

3. Drinking a cup of coffee a day also has major health benefits when it comes to diseases. It has been associated with a decreased risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and provides protection against Type 2 diabetes. People who drink four or more cups of coffee a day (32 ounces) reduce their chances of developing Type 2 diabetes by 50%. Do you occasionally enjoy the adult beverage or two? Good news for you: coffee is also great for your liver. Those who drink a cup of coffee a day are 20% less likely to develop liver cirrhosis, and also helps prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

4. Coffee is full of vitamins and antioxidants. One cup of coffee contains 11% of the B2 vitamin and 6% of the B5 vitamin recommended for a daily diet. Nothing else provides your body with as many antioxidants as coffee, not even popular antioxidant sources like tea, milk, chocolate, and cranberries. The body absorbs antioxidants best in the form of coffee, both decaf and regular. How about that for a health fact.

5. Coffee can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy diet, fighting against fatigue, lowering blood pressure, and reducing migraines. We already know that coffee is full of antioxidants and the caffeine helps fight fatigue, but did you know that it can also help reduce migraines? Nothing slows you down like a pounding headache. Coffee can help you curb your headache before it takes over your day. The caffeine in coffee is what really provides the relief with many over the counter pain medications also containing caffeine. While a caffeinated soda could provide the same relief, the other benefits of drinking coffee make it the better choice.

6. Coffee is good for your metabolism. Drinking a cup of coffee a day can also increase  your metabolism by 3-11%, which translates into, “drinking a cup of coffee a day can help you lose weight.” The keyword here is, can. The results of this are most prominent in short-term weight loss, but overall, the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn.

Moral of the story: Drinking coffee is good for your body, mind, and soul.

Coffee is good for your body in moderate amounts. Drinking way too much of it can be harmful and lead to a caffeine addiction in the body and anyone who has ever had a caffeine withdrawal headache knows that it’s not fun business. One key way to preserve the health benefits of coffee is to refrain or decrease the use of creams and sweeteners you add to your coffee – adding these increases fat and calories, sometimes up to hundreds of calories. At the end of the day, coffee is pretty healthy for your body, if anything, it might just be the healthiest drink out there. Drink on coffee lover, drink on.

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