The Coffee Shop Ordering Guide.

When ordering coffee do you get that crippling feeling of mash potatoes brains while ordering something new at your local coffee shop? Do you want to march in with the confidence of a hipster with a top knot? Here is a basic guide to understanding which coffee is best for you!

LATTE: This drink is 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk with a light layer of foam on the top. Try it iced or Hot. And with your favorite syrup flavor!

CAPPUCCINO: This drink is 1/3 espresso 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foam. While this drink can only be hot you can also add a layer of cocoa powder or sugar to sit on top of the foam to create a sweeter drink.

ESPRESSO MACCHIATO: Traditionally this coffee is served in an 4oz cup with a double shot of espresso and a spoonful of foam. While Starbucks has created many drinks with this title, if you go to any knowledgeable barista asking for a Macchiato you will receive this traditional drink listed above.

AMERICANO: 2/3 hot water 1/3 espresso. Try it hot or iced with your favorite flavor.

COFFEE AMERICANO: This drink has different names all over the world and at almost every coffee shop. Some other names are powerhouse, red eye, black eye, shot in the dark, etc... This drink is a cup of drip coffee with your preferred amount of espresso added. It is mostly recommenced hot, but it can be made iced.

CAFÉ AU LAIT: 2/3 drip coffee and 1/3 steamed milk. You chose how dark you want your roast. This is a hot drink only.

MOCHA: Following the same portions as the latte. The mocha is a dark chocolate powder added to the espresso. There is also the white mocha (white chocolate) and a mix of the two to create a “Bowtie.”  Being on the specialty end of coffee it tends to be a little more expensive and can be hot, iced, or blended!

There are a million different variations of coffee and the possibilities are endless so don’t be afraid to ask your barista how to make the perfect drink custom to you.

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